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I'm David. I'm a designer and maker of things, both code and physical objects. Here's five quick items about me.

David M. Putney mugshot

I like to make things

Designing and building: That has been a constant in my career. I’ve worked as a senior designer at an innovation agency in Boston. I do UX/UI and visual design, prototyping, UX testing, agile – all that and more – for clients both large and small. I also love to build what I design, when possible.

I made this site

As mentioned, this site is my own development work. Every line of of CSS, HTML and JS, including the slide show viewers. So I accept both blame and praise. It’s also purpose built as a very fast-loading site – just under a half second to fully load and render. It takes advantage of the lasted tech, such a responsive images, grid layouts and other niceties.

For the font geeks out there, the script font in the header is Lavenderia, the sans-serif headline font is Ginger and the body copy is set in Droid serif.

I spend a lot of my free time hiking

I moved to Utah area because it is blessed with some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in the U.S. Most weekends and after work you’ll find me somewhere in the nearby mountains putting up some miles. I’m also an occasional weekend 5K runner. I also spend my free time creating model cars.

I went on a year-long road trip

During the pandemic, I embarked on an epic road trip across multiple months staying in AirBnBs and working remotely. It took me all the way across the country twice, and then Boston to Utah, where I decided to stay for awhile. I made stops in multiple national parks, and cities along the way.

I’m (sorta) mentioned in a Kevin Costner movie

I’m not actually sure what this is. I’ve never played in the NFL, certainly not on special teams, and definately not as a punt returner.